Evercompounds has chosen to grow in the world through innovation, continuous improvement and quality, based on values such as focusing on customer's needs, the key importance of research and innovation, environmental protection and compliance with national and international regulations, while remaining true to its roots of company with an Italian heart.

In this sense, and to better meet the needs and expectations of its customers and to remain a leading player in its industry, Evercompounds engages constantly in business management practices based on these two main pillars:

Business Plan: improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Ensure the creation of a true added value for all its business partners, ensuring the sustainability of its business by providing quality goods and services at the best possible cost and with the utmost professionalism. In particular, we pursue our goals:

  • Increasing our production capacity, our range of products and our presence close to our customers through the acquisition and/or creation of new departments and/or production sites abroad.
  • Improving our competitiveness through continuous monitoring and evaluation of our compounds in order to increase process efficiency, increase the quality and minimise the cost of products, as part of a process whose aim is operational excellence over time.
  • By always listening to our customers and constantly enhancing our before-sales and after-sales support services, to become true business partners and not just suppliers, in order to be able to grow together and create solid and fruitful relationships with our customers.

Social and Environmental: preserve the health and safety of persons and property, and ensure respect for the surrounding environment. In particular, we pursue our goals:

  • Adopting a responsible attitude towards health and safety, and strictly complying with all regulations applicable at national and international level.
  • By controlling our consumption of water and energy, and properly managing the disposal and enhancement of our waste.
  • Pursuing a pollution and major industrial risk prevention policy.

In the long term, Evercompounds wants to ensure its own development through effective economic growth, the centrality of research and innovation, constant attention to the environment and the creation of strong partnerships with its customers. Because only by walking along their path together, side by side, Evercompounds and its customers can grow together and ensure a solid and lasting success.